KARWAN TV SHOW 230th 2-13-15

Air Date: 02/13/14

Our world

Najam Youth Society – Wali – Pashto

This piece takes a look at the programs launched by Najam Youth society to educate teens and youths on varies social matters and Islamic and cultural ethics. The Society is running these programs in 26 provinces including Kabul.

Ban on motorcycle – Faizy – Dari

This piece sheds a light on the impact that the recent ban on motorcycle has on the life of ordinary people in Herat city. It includes inputs from people, motorcycle factories and officials.

Afghan orphan schooled in Business – NATO Channel – Dari

This piece from NATO channel is a feature on Mahboba’s Promise an organisation run by Mahboba Rawi, an Australia based Afghan woman, which includes both an orphanage and a baking factory that provides employment and vocational training opportunities for orphans and widows in Kabul.

The week that was – Dari
Participation of President Ghani in Munich Security conference, bomb attack on female member of Provincial council in Nangarhar Province, UAE resumes air war on ISIS, stampede in the Egypt soccer match and sport, technology and entertainment stories were the highlights of the week.

Social Media: Dari

Daoud and Zheela touched upon some interesting social media stories.

People we know

Bringing math to life – CN – Pashto: Number 9914157
This CN piece sheds a light on the most recent survey of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) that ranked the United States in 27th place for student performance in math, the reason of math dislike by American students and efforts of the National Museum of Mathematics in New York City to make it interesting for students.

One dollar paper microscope - CN – Pashto: Number 8075889

This CN piece takes a look at the efforts of Manu Parkash of Stanford University and his colleagues who developed a one-dollar paper microscope aiming to help diagnose diseases in the developing world.

Hawaii Volcano - CN- Dari: Number 9941455

In this Dari translated version of VoA’s Mike O’Sullivan report, residents of the small town of Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii face an advancing threat from the Kilauea volcano and are keeping a watchful eye on the creeping lava.
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Teeny Tiny Things

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Salt crystal dissolving and re-growing (taken with Foldscope)

When a supersaturated solution of ordinary table salt is viewed under 140x magnification (provided by a Foldscope), the gradual dissolution and re-deposition of salt can be seen. Video shown at 120x speed.

More information about this project can be found here:

How a fly unstick its foot? Live Foldscope imaging.

Flies use an adhesive pad to stick. But how do they unstick? The answer lies in curling/peeling its foot. It takes less energy to peel instead of just pulling. Live imaging #Foldscope.


Diagnosing Diseases with Origami Microscopes

Manu Prakash and his lab at Stanford University have designed an origami based paper microscope, called a Foldscope. The microscope is printed on waterproof paper. The user punches out the pieces and folds them together to create a fully functional microscope. It works with standard microscope slides and requires no external power to operate. You simply hold the Foldscope up to a light source (like the sun) and look through the salt grain-sized lens to view the sample on the slide. The high curvature of the tiny lenses used in the Foldscope allows small objects to be highly magnified. This little invention costs less than a dollar to produce and could have major implications for global health and for science education.
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